Patrick’s professional experience covers work on hydrogeologic, environmental, and remedial projects.

Key Expertise:

  • Hydrogeologic & Environmental Site Investigation
  • Geologic Documentation & Interpretation
  • Conceptual Site Model Development

Pat’s expertise centers on geologic documentation and interpretation, as well as conceptual site model development and site strategy. In addition to managing projects for the Industrial market group, Patrick enjoys working across service areas to unlock new opportunities for our clients and add value to their projects.Patrick is a graduate of Connecticut College where he earned a bachelor’s degree in geophysics and economics, as well as the University of Pennsylvania where he earned a master’s degree in applied geoscience.

Patrick’s favorite part of his job at Sanborn Head is getting to work on a wide variety of exciting and technically diverse projects. He also enjoys the friendly atmosphere at Sanborn Head which encourages strategic and thoughtful collaboration among colleagues to pursue solutions to help our clients.

Outside of work, Patrick enjoys spending time outdoors with family and friends, enjoying activities such as skiing, triathlons, hiking, or water sports.

Patrick is a Professional Geologist in New Hampshire.