As an outside Director to the firm, Robb brings expertise in key executive functions to Sanborn Head’s Board.

Key Expertise:

  • Firm Vision & Strategy Execution
  • Financial Management & Planning
  • Organizational Leadership & Change
  • Risk Management

Robb is a former CEO, CFO and COO in the economic consulting and engineering industries who has helped both small and large firms navigate challenges associated with business growth. Robb contributes thoughtful objectivity and perspective that is highly valued by Sanborn Head as the firm seeks to expand its services, reach, and influence. Robb has a degree in physics from the University of Maine, and he is a graduate of Northeastern University’s Executive MBA program.

Robb is deeply invested in his work with Sanborn Head, frequently using “we” when offering his input and counsel. He finds his work helping the Board stay focused on its strategic priorities—creating enterprise value, protecting value from risk, and distributing value to stakeholders—to be the most rewarding aspect of his role.

Although Robb is retired from full-time work, he keeps busy working to reestablish his golf game and sharing his home with his three young grandsons. Robb is an avid reader of western and eastern philosophy.