Sarah works at the heart of Sanborn Head’s corporate operations.

  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Program Management & Assessment
  • Corporate Communications
  • Team Leadership & Advocacy

Sarah works on a wide range of business functions from strategic planning and administrative oversight, to corporate communications and training initiatives. Sarah has a bachelor’s degree from Williams College and a Master’s in Business Administration from Babson College.

Sarah’s favorite part of the job is being able to influence projects directly linked to Sanborn Head’s Strategic Plan. She enjoys the variety of her job and knowing that every day is going to be different. A great day for her is when she has helped people accomplish their goals or she has contributed to a successful project outcome.

When Sarah isn’t working, you can find her outdoors – hiking or cross-country skiing, sailing, doing yard work, or cheering on one of her children at their sporting events. She is also an active member of Bow Open Spaces, which promotes the preservation and access to the land in her town.