The growing demand for renewable energy resources and their development is a natural fit for our focus on delivering innovative engineering solutions.

Specialty Areas:

  • Solar Photovoltaic Array Design Support
  • Renewable Gas
  • Geothermal Wells
  • Solar Development on Closed Landfills and Brownfields Sites

The demand for renewable energy resources will only continue to grow as users throughout the private and public sectors make and implement their plans to be more efficient and reduce impacts on climate change. Sanborn Head is well-positioned to support renewable energy development given our wide array of technical, environmental, and engineering services that are typically needed for these projects.

We support solar energy development on brownfields, closed landfills, and other sites that have physical or regulatory constraints. We provide the integrated environmental and geotechnical capability to make these projects successful. Our expertise in renewable gas covers planning, evaluation, design, and construction support for biogas and landfill-gas-to-energy projects. Our expertise in groundwater hydrogeology and well design is well-suited to support geothermal energy projects for institutional and industrial facilities.

Sanborn Head has the diversity of technical skills and experience that are so important to renewable energy projects, and we bring the human energy and enthusiasm to make these projects go forward.