We help achieve responsible and effective waste disposal by leveraging expertise in multi-disciplinary engineering and environmental services for the design, permitting, construction, and operations of solid waste facility projects.

Specialty Areas:

  • Site Suitability Evaluation
  • Landfill & Support System Design
  • Leachate Collection
  • Landfill Closure
  • Data Management & Compliance

A successful solid waste facility design project begins with collaborative discussions with our clients to understand their goals and expectations. Then, we strive to realize the client’s vision by developing a design strategy that combines strong engineering fundamentals with value-adding innovation.

Sanborn Head integrates our skills across the spectrum of technical services often needed to meet the range of challenges encountered during solid waste facility design and permitting. These needs include civil, geological, geotechnical, hydrological, mechanical, air, and electrical expertise, all available in-house.

The diversity of our technical and engineering skills, combined with a track record of successful solid waste facility projects, makes our consulting firm well-suited to design a wide range of projects, including:

  • New landfills
  • Landfill expansions
  • Gas-to-energy facilities
  • Support systems (transfer stations, scale houses, flare systems, stormwater managements systems)

We leverage the power of CAD and 3D visualization software tools to bring solid waste facility designs to life, to rapidly evaluate alternatives, and support permitting approval.

A final key to successful solid waste project implementation is diligent construction quality service. We routinely provide construction oversight to ensure that designs are being built in accordance with plans and specifications, and that the project is ultimately completed successfully.