Key to the insights that drive successful projects in today’s world is the effective synthesis of large amounts of data and information. Sanborn Head is a leader in data management and visualization that brings understanding and focused direction to our clients’ dynamic projects.

Specialty Areas:

  • Database Development & Management Using EQuIS®
  • 3-D Visualization Using Earth Volumetric Studio®
  • ArcGIS®
  • Environmental Modeling
  • 3-D Electronic Rendering & Video
  • Landfill Gas Management Suite™

Sanborn Head offers multiple platforms for getting the most out of project data and information. Our data management consultants use state-of-the-art software and methods to efficiently manage large amounts of data to help answer the most important project questions.

Our firm places a high value on converting data into graphics and visual renderings that facilitate understanding and lead to informed decision-making. This includes:

  • Visualizing the subsurface environment using software such as Earth Volumetric Studio®, which can show contaminant hydrogeology in 3D.
  • Using ArcGIS® to efficiently produce maps and figures that generate insights from large data sets.
  • Working with CAD to bring design plans to life by creating 3D drawings and videos of proposed project results.

Sanborn Head also offers an interactive, Internet-based landfill gas data evaluation tool called Landfill Gas Management SuiteTM. It allows our clients to efficiently store, manage, and evaluate landfill gas data uploaded directly from the field. This tool is being used by many of our clients to meet regulatory requirements, mitigate odors, and increase energy production at active and closed landfills.