Sanborn Head works with our clients to apply proven technologies to energy-related projects.

Specialty Areas:

  • Natural Gas Engineering
  • Owner’s Engineering
  • Infrastructure Life Cycle Studies
  • Renewable Gas Engineering
  • Mechanical, Electrical, & Process Design
  • Sustainable Energy

We offer design, permitting, and construction oversight services to energy producers, transporters, and end-users.

Our team of expert energy consultants works closely with our clients to meet their project objectives while also focusing on the big-picture outcomes of reducing emissions and reducing capital and operating costs. We also understand the dynamic inter-relationships between the economy, policy, and energy, and we help guide our clients towards sustainable and resilient solutions.

Our team of experienced engineers has a diverse set of technical skills that are specifically geared to supporting the evolving energy needs of our clients.

Contact one of our Energy market experts today to learn more about how we can help you with your project.