At Sanborn Head, leadership is rooted in our philosophy of working in the interest of the greater good. Our leaders are guided by a sense of stewardship – taking great care of the firm today so that it will thrive and endure over time.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors fulfills a governance role for the firm by setting the vision and guiding progress toward our strategic goals. At heart, the Board considers matters of firm value – creating value through growth and opportunity, sustaining value over the long term, and preserving value through risk management and oversight. Our directors represent different perspectives within the company; our two outside directors bring a healthy perspective from their leadership experiences in the industry.

“Leaders within Sanborn Head are not only dedicated to serve our clients’ needs and make the project a success, but also dedicated to helping me succeed as an employee.”

Response to 2019 employee survey
Left to right: Robb Googins, Charlie Head, Barret Cole, Dick Orton, Mike Nicoloro, Vern Kokosa, Dave Adams

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee oversees the management of our business operations. This team is primarily responsible for executing our strategic plan and coordinating daily functions relating to finance, human resources, information technology, marketing, and compliance. The Executive Committee works closely with our Market Leaders who focus on the delivery of technical services to our clients, staff learning and development, and new business opportunities.

Left to right: Charlie Head, Mary Beth Dopfer, Matt Poirier, Barret Cole