Large Firm Services, Small Firm Responsiveness

Our uncommon strength is our ability to offer a broad range and depth of technical consulting services comparable to the large firms, and yet we’re small and nimble enough to provide highly customized and responsive service to our clients.

Today’s challenges require a diversity of skills and multi-disciplinary engineering solutions. Sanborn Head is the ideal size firm to efficiently leverage the technical expertise available across our entire company. From environmental consultants and geotechnical engineers to site remediation and permitting specialists, we assemble project teams that integrate the services that our clients’ projects require.

With this collegial and collaborative approach, we can accomplish great things together.

Air Services and Modeling

Our engineers and consultants provide a complete array of air services to support our clients with federal and state-specific regulatory assessments, compliance, permitting, and reporting requirements.

Brownfields Redevelopment

We help revitalize environmentally impaired properties by working with stakeholders to evaluate and mitigate environmental risks.

Data Management & Visualization

We transform data into dynamic models that help clients visualize their project and make informed decisions.

Due Diligence

We combine site evaluations and risk assessments with strategic insights to support business transactions.

Geotechnical Design

We use our technical understanding of subsurface conditions to design earth support and foundation systems for construction projects.

Landfill Gas Management

We design and monitor landfill gas collection systems to achieve compliance, control odors, and support energy production.

Legal Support

We provide technical subject-matter expertise, expert testimony, and litigation support to attorneys involved with environmental disputes.

Natural Gas Infrastructure Design

We design processing and storage facilities, and pipeline and distribution systems for natural gas.

Permitting & Compliance

We help clients move projects forward through regulatory requirements while reducing environmental and business risks.

Renewable Energy

We support the development of solar, bio gas, landfill gas, geothermal, and other renewable energy solutions.

Site Characterization & Remediation

We conduct environmental site assessments to evaluate contaminants and subsurface conditions, and design and implement remediation measures.

Solid Waste Facility Design

We design new disposal facilities, site expansions, and infrastructure systems for landfills and associated solid waste facilities.

Sustainability Services

We integrate sustainability across our scientific and engineering service areas to meet the growing demand for sustainable solutions around energy supply, natural resource preservation, and resiliency of buildings and infrastructure.

Water Resources

We evaluate and design systems for water resource development, stormwater management, and wastewater disposal.