Jeffrey Doris delivered an e-learning session on September 28, 2022 that used two different solid waste streams to demonstrate the impact beneficial uses of solid waste can have on greenhouse gas emissions. This presentation was the inaugural session of Sanborn Head’s Solid Waste Best Management Practices webinar series.

Using greenhouse gas (GHG) data reported annually to U.S. EPA, this study compares the emissions per ton of waste for municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills versus MSW combustors, including emissions offsets from energy production, and, for combustors, from metals recovery.

The session was recorded and is available for viewing by completing the registration form to the right.

Why watch?

  • The presentation compares net emissions from waste facilities when energy recovery is considered.
  • The presentation included a discussion of emissions reductions from renewable natural gas projects at landfills and from metals recovery at combustors.

What you’ll learn:

The presentation provides an overview of:

  • Federal greenhouse gas reporting for municipal solid waste landfills and combustors
  • Energy recovery from landfills and combustors
  • Emissions offsets from energy projects at waste management facilities‚Äč

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Written By

Jeff Doris

Senior Project Manager

Jeff specializes in air permitting and air permit compliance reporting for municipal solid waste landfills.