Dear friends,

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues and our communities respond, we share your care and concern for the people all around the world who are affected.  At Sanborn Head we are monitoring the evolving situation very closely and navigating and updating our response as we obtain new information and recommendations.  While there is still a tremendous amount of uncertainty about how and when this will resolve, we are certain about our priorities:

  1. Protect the health and safety of our employees;
  2. Do our part to help prevent the spread of the virus in the community; and  
  3. Sustain the health of our business, including taking great care of our clients.

I wanted you to know what actions Sanborn Head is taking as part of our response:

  • We have implemented our Work-from-Home plan such that the vast majority of our employees began working at home, effective March 16. 
    • A limited number of essential personnel are remaining in our offices to keep essential business functions running smoothly.
    • For the time being, our field staff will continue to perform their work to keep our projects running smoothly.  We are evaluating their assignments on a case-by-case basis and are making sure the job sites are accessible and safe.
    • We will not allow employees to visit a project site if they have recently traveled to countries where the CDC has issued a Level 3 Travel Health Notice, they have been sick, or have family members at home who are sick.
  • We have suspended all non-essential business travel for employees, and we have requested that in-person meetings with clients, job applicants, vendors, and other business partners be rescheduled to teleconference or video calls.
    • We are also requesting that there be no visitors, other than essential vendors, coming into our offices.
  • We are requiring that any employee who has recently traveled to countries where the CDC has issued a Level 3 Travel Health Notice for personal or business reasons, to stay at home for a period of 14 days.
    • Employees who have been sick, with colds or any flu-like illness, are being asked to contact our Human Resources department before returning to work so we can be assured that they are well and symptom free.
  • We are providing our employees with resources about COVID-19, including tips for staying healthy and preventing the spread of germs and what to do if they or a member of their household becomes sick.

We are fortunate that Sanborn Head has a strong culture to guide us and an amazing group of understanding and caring employees who are helping us transition to new workplace conditions and practices.  We are also pleased that our investments in technology have evolved such that we can work from home, we can communicate via multiple methods, and we can hold meetings virtually. 

We understand that your normal business, school, and community routines have also shifted significantly.  Please know that if you have any questions about how Sanborn Head is responding or how the coronavirus outbreak may be affecting our business relationships, please contact me directly. 

We wish you well!

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Written By

Barret Cole, PG, LEP

President and Chief Executive Officer

Barret is largely responsible for the overall financial, organizational and operational wellbeing of the firm, while also keeping a hand in the technical side of our business as a senior practitioner.