Solid Waste Market Area

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Solid waste management, whether below or above the surface, can be complex especially given environmental and regulatory challenges.  Sanborn Head works with clients on a range of renewable energy projects, innovative stormwater management systems, waste management, and air quality issues. Our multidisciplinary approach leads to practical, creative long-term solutions that are environmentally and economically sound.

“Thank you for the time and care you’ve taken where this project is concerned. I still marvel at how we managed to find our way to your professional doorstep. Wow: lucky us. I can’t imagine we could have found a better person to steward the early parts of this project if we’d looked for months.”

– Amory Rowe, Founder Nonprofit, In The Arena. 
We provide value to our clients through design innovation and development of successful permitting and facility operational strategies.  With greenhouse gas emissions and the associated concerns for global warming, Sanborn Head provides air emissions inventories and refined air dispersion modeling for sources as diverse as manufacturing facilities to biomass co-generation stations to landfill surface emissions. 
Evaluating our clients’ needs, we recognized a growing need for additional tools to help us better evaluate our projects. Through internal collaboration and increased cross-service area capabilities, we have developed tools for environmental modeling and data management.  Additionally, Sanborn Head has developed proprietary state-of-the-art data management systems such as Landfill Gas Management SuiteTM and Sanborn Head Data Management SystemTM to document and troubleshoot landfill gas collection systems and subsurface remediation systems, respectively.