On April 29th, we proudly mark Sanborn Head’s 31st birthday, commencing a fourth decade of unwavering commitment to delivering industry-leading technical excellence and highly responsive service to our clients. For us, this anniversary isn’t just about looking back at our accomplishments; it’s about embracing our culture and celebrating our future as a thriving and enduring organization.

Our core value of a generational mindset is a principle that lies at the heart of our firm. For us, this means more than just sustaining the business over multiple generations—it’s about fostering a culture of stewardship, accountability, and resilience that transcends individual ownership and leadership positions. As an independent consulting firm, we are steadfast in our dedication to remaining true to our roots, never compromising our integrity, and continually evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and industry. Maintaining our independence is not just a business strategy; it’s a testament to our enduring commitment to excellence, creativity, and innovation. We believe in the power of continuity, where each generation builds upon the foundation laid by those before them, propelling the firm to greater heights while preserving its cultural heritage.

Our generational mindset was recently highlighted by the retirement of two long-time principals this year: Jim Chabot and founding principal Charles “Chip” Crocetti. Jim and Chip both played large roles in building our businesses and expanding our technical capabilities. Both Jim and Chip have also been selfless in mentoring and passing along their knowledge to others. They leave behind a legacy of dedication, expertise, and leadership that has helped shape our firm into what it is today.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Jim and Chip for their unwavering dedication, passion, and leadership. Their contributions have been instrumental in shaping our firm into the thriving, dynamic organization it is today, and their legacy will continue to inspire us for years to come. Jim and Chip’s retirements demonstrate the value in our ongoing efforts to embrace change, foster innovation, and nurture the next generation of leaders who will carry our firm forward into the future.

Here’s to 31 years of excellence, innovation, and enduring success—and to many more to come. As we celebrate this anniversary, we are grateful to our incredible team, clients, and partners who have been instrumental in shaping our firm’s remarkable journey. Together, we will continue to build a lasting legacy of sustained excellence across generations.

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Written By

Barret Cole, PG, LEP

President and Chief Executive Officer

Barret is largely responsible for the overall financial, organizational and operational wellbeing of the firm, while also keeping a hand in the technical side of our business as a senior practitioner.