As the end of the year approaches, it is a fitting time to reflect on our journey and the many things we have to be thankful for. At Sanborn Head, I am especially proud to work with such an excellent team of colleagues and for the cultural values they champion and support in one another.

Sanborn Head has a strong cultural foundation that has influenced the trajectory of our 30 years in business, and yet we also recognize that our values need to be reaffirmed with our organization and our vision. In 2023, we undertook a Cultural Values Assessment, involving all our employees, to understand what is important in our business today and what values will become essential to our continued success. We are pleased to have introduced six refreshed values that define the firm today and serve as a beacon to guide Sanborn Head to be a thriving and influential firm long into the future.

These Values are: Integrity, Employee Engagement, Excellence, Generational Mindset, Collegiality, and Servant Leadership. The Core Values are posted on our website, and we invite you to take a look.

Underpinning our values is a philosophy of working in the interest of the greater good – whether it is doing the right thing, learning, taking ownership, collaborating, or helping others, we believe that true greatness comes when we set aside our individual interests to achieve something far greater and more powerful than any one of us could achieve individually. And, it is this sense of stewardship – taking care of each other, taking care of our clients, and taking care of the firm – that is behind the legacy we are building as a firm that will sustain excellence across generations.

In addition to sharing Sanborn Head’s core values on our website, we captured a few comments on video from two of our founding principals, Charlie Head and Chip Crocetti, about what it means to be a generational company. This recording includes their original vision for the firm and insights from a couple of staff members, Virginia Adams and Colin Callahan, about how that vision still resonates today. It emphasizes the appreciation we have for our culture and is available to watch by following this link to Sanborn Head’s website.

Cultivating our culture benefits our employees, our clients, and our community. It’s what makes us great today and inspires us to be even better tomorrow.

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Barret Cole, PG, LEP

President and Chief Executive Officer

Barret is largely responsible for the overall financial, organizational and operational wellbeing of the firm, while also keeping a hand in the technical side of our business as a senior practitioner.