Sanborn Head was responsible for the geotechnical engineering services for the University of Vermont (UVM) Tarrant Event Center.  A subsurface exploration program was successfully executed adjacent to the active Patrick-Forbush-Gutterson (PFG) Athletic Complex without interrupting the facility functions.  Sanborn Head has been a trusted adviser to the project’s design team during challenging construction environments including deep foundation installation and support of excavation concerns.

Key Components

  • Drilled Shafts Foundations
  • Ductile Iron Piles Foundation
  • Spread Footings
  • Retaining Walls
  • Support of Excavation
  • Construction Monitoring

Located on an active university campus, the site presented logistical concerns for heavy equipment and characterization.  Sanborn Head successfully coordinated on-site exploratory work with UVM personnel with an effort to limit impacts to classrooms and activities at the PFG.  Sanborn Head communicated daily with facility personnel regarding project work and met schedule deadlines.  The site was also very constrained with construction occurring immediately adjacent to existing buildings, which presented concerns during construction.

As part of the schematic design, Sanborn Head worked collectively with the design team to develop the appropriate foundation system that addressed the site and design constraints along with constructability concerns given the adjacent structures.