Sanborn Head is pleased to announce the following senior leadership promotions. 

“We congratulate these leaders for their many contributions to our firm,” said Barret Cole, President and CEO. “They have distinguished themselves through professional accomplishments, exceptional client service, and dedicated leadership of teams across our business groups.”

Senior Promotions:

  • Michael Abberton, PE has been promoted to Project Director. Over the course of his 26 years with Sanborn Head, Mike has distinguished himself through his technical skills, and he has expanded his influence within the firm to be considered a technical leader by clients and staff on key projects. Mike has been generous in sharing his knowledge, actively mentoring and teaching staff within the Industrial and Solid Waste teams. Mike’s work is characterized by integrity, collegiality, professionalism, and friendliness. 
  • Christopher Finnegan, PE has been promoted to Senior Vice President. Chris joined Sanborn Head in 2014, bringing technical expertise in electrical, mechanical, and process design engineering to the Energy team. His impressive technical skills and commitment to excellence contribute to the team’s success and their ability to deliver high quality work to clients. Chris actively supports the technical and professional development of his colleagues and takes an active role leading corporate initiatives.
  • Laura Garvey, PE, LEP has been promoted to Project Director. Over her 17 years with Sanborn Head, Laura has continued to be a versatile contributor, adding value to client projects, company initiatives, and internal teams. Laura is highly regarded as an employee EDGE (“Empowerment, Development, Guidance, and Engagement”) Leader, where she shines as a mentor and advocate for staff members. She has also served as an advisor to internal teams for training and technical practices. Laura models integrity and collegiality in her work, which builds trust and empowers others. 
  • Heather James, PE has been promoted to Senior Vice President. Heather is a well-known leader in the gas industry for mechanical and process design as well as facility startup, commissioning, and operation, and clients rely on her expertise for both design projects and owner’s engineering support. Since she joined the firm in 2020, Heather’s knowledge has been instrumental in creating new business opportunities within the group. As a proponent of servant leadership, Heather selflessly shares her knowledge with staff, helping to increase the technical capabilities of the Energy team. 
  • Marcel Kozlowski, PE has been promoted to Project Director. Marcel, who joined Sanborn Head in 2018, is the Team Lead for Sanborn Head’s Denver Office and has been a driving force behind expanding our business in the Rocky Mountain West geography. In addition to conference presentations and networking to build relationships, Marcel has also focused on diversifying the type of work being performed by our teams. Marcel sets a leadership example, heading up challenging assignments and actively mentoring staff to develop their skill sets and build a strong team. 
  • Sean Murphy, PG has been promoted to Project Director. Sean joined Sanborn Head in 2018. His work style, which is both highly professional and collaborative, builds trust with clients and project team members. Sean applies technical knowledge to projects and has shared his expertise at industry conferences. Viewed as a client leader, Sean has played an instrumental role in evolving our relationship with key clients. Leading by example and with good humor, Sean brings out the best in those with whom he works.
  • Michael Potter has been promoted to Vice President. Since joining the firm in 2021, Mike has helped to transform the marketing function at Sanborn Head with expanded social media and thought leadership initiatives. He has built a cohesive team and established collaborative working relationships with both our client teams and corporate teams to support strategic planning and communications. Always willing to help for the greater good, Mike has played a significant role in the planning and communication of several internal initiatives.
  • Seth Soos, PE has been promoted to Senior Vice President. Seth joined Sanborn Head in 2009, and since assuming the role of the Energy team leader in 2020, he has overseen the group’s significant growth, forming a strong leadership team and building depth of talent and technical knowledge. Seth has prioritized performance, training and development, quality, and risk management, and this focus has shaped a team that is aligned, supportive, and committed to excellence.
  • Steve Wright, PE has been promoted to Senior Vice President.

    Hired in 2015, Steve has led the expansion of the solid waste project portfolio to include municipal clients and solid waste handling facility projects (transfer stations and C&D processing facilities). Steve is well respected by his clients, peers, and staff. He dedicates time to staff mentorship, helping others gain the skills they need to learn and be successful within the company. Steve models integrity through his accountability and the way in which he honors commitments both internally and with his clients.

Please join us in celebrating these individuals and their commitment to Sanborn Head’s future as a generational company.

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